What Is The San Francisco Ghost Society?

The San Francisco Ghost Society was founded by Tommy Netzband as a small all volunteer organization, devoted to the research and investigation of the city and county of San Francisco's ghosts and paranormal occurrences. We conduct FREE, professional and discreet investigations of locations where there have been reports of paranormal activity or unexplained occurrences. Our approach is one of flexible skepticism; we seek to remain unconvinced by the end of the investigation, as opposed to embracing every speck of dust caught on camera as proof positive of a haunting. To this end we conduct extensive research about a prospective site, to understand its history, architecture, infrastructure and location. We utilize a broad spectrum of equipment and technology to record and analyze the course of the investigation. Our team members are all responsible, knowledgeable and professional individuals from the San Francisco area, who contribute their diverse interests, talents and time to each investigation. Please click here to learn more about our services.
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